Phono Solar

AC Modules

Introducing the Phono Solar High Performance AC Solar Module
Build and expand your solar system at your own pace with the AC Module from Phono Solar.

Customers may start with as little as one PS250AC Module and then increase their system wattage as budget, time, and space permit. As each Phono Solar AC module produces grid compliant AC current, the modules serve as building blocks with no matching or string sizing required.

The integrated Enphase micro-inverter instantly converts DC electricity into ready to use AC power. The intelligent micro-inverter also sends vital health and performance information to the Enphase Envoy communications gateway.

This next generation design eliminates the need for expensive DC wiring components and centralized power inverters. Also, the Phono Solar AC Module dramatically reduces the complex design and installation process associated with a traditional DC solar power system.

AC Advantages
- High efficiency solar module integrated with an Enphase micro-inverter, the world's most efficient AC system solution
- Optimized for higher outputs in low light conditions
- Modules are individually optimized 
- Eliminates module mismatch losses
- Any shading will affect only the shaded panel, not the entire system

Easier to Design and Install
- Installation labour reduced, no DC switches, GFCI, etc. required
- Fast, inexpensive mounting - delivered ready for connection
- Pre manufactured cables

Greater Productivity
- AC wiring systems are more efficient at transporting electricity as they do not suffer typical electrical losses that are common in all DC wiring circuits.
- More uptime means more kW-h generated
- Installers need not match PV output characteristics before installation  

Better Performance
- Individual PV breakages (e.g. hail) do not stop system power output
- No system mismatch losses  
- Any shading will affect only the shaded panel, not the entire system
- Optional communication hub monitors every module independently
- Peak efficiency 96.3%, CEC efficiency 96%

More Reliable
- No single-point-of-failure will disable the system
- AC Modules are sealed. No cooling vents mean that the units always stay clean and dry inside
- Convection cooled with no moving parts
- Safer – no DC-side wiring (eliminates dangerous high voltage DC and all DC wiring loss)
- Reduced inspection code issues

You can find the datasheets for AC Module in the Download Center .