Phono Solar

At Phono Solar, world-class quality is a top priority. We are committed to achieving this quality through operational excellence, continual improvement and satisfying customer needs in everything we do.

The following video will guide you around our manufacturing facility and testing center.

Leading Manufacturing

96.7%   FPY (First Pass Yield)

95.5%   automated production ratio

Highest   PPPS (Per Person Per Shift) work efficiency

FMEA   throughout entire manufacturing process

Phono Solar is a professional manufacturer of solar modules and only selects the highest quality materials and components. Our products have a strong track record of reliability and performance. Our world leading automated production line and our experienced engineers ensure each and every module is of the highest quality.

Testing Center

36      material and performance tests

7*24  uninterrupted testing 

25      years genuine quality warranty

1st        level certification authorities have verified our testing center

Our leading testing center is verified by first level international certification authorities, where most tests are running beyond the current international standards. A broad range of equipment is used to conduct quality-control tests, product certifications, material reliability checks, and in-depth research, which make sure that Phono Solar modules operate safely and smoothly for at least 25 years, and guarantee sustainable and stable investment return for investors.

Test Phono Solar IEC
Thermal Cycling 800cycles 200cycles
Damp Heat 3000hrs 1000hrs
Humidity-Freeze 30cycles 10cycles
UV 90kWh·m-2 15kWh·m-2
PID 600hrs None
Insured Warranty

Our Limited Manufacturer's Warranty for Phono Solar modules guarantees materials and workmanship for 10 years and power for 25 years.

In addition to the comprehensive warranty terms, Phono Solar provides customers with Commercial general liability insurance policy from a world-renowned insurance company. Customers who purchase Phono Solar products will enjoy a global, irrevocable and immediate insurance warranty.

Actual performance in field

The best way to verify solar module reliability is to observe its performance in a power plant. Modules must be able to withstand any external environmental factors and resist all types of natural stress as these both ultimately affect the power plant's performance and investment IRR.

Phono Solar can give customers real examples to prove product reliability. In Czech Republic, both Veprek and Smirice power plants use Phono Solar modules. Grid connected since 2010, the power plants have exceeded their expected electricity generation by over 15%.

Name: Veprek Location: Czech Republic
Project Size: 35MW Module Series: DIAMOND
Module Type: PS185M-24/F & PS190M-24/F
Name: Smirice Location: Czech Republic
Project Size: 6.1MW Module Series: DIAMOND
Module Type: PS185M-24/F & PS190M-24/F

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