Phono Solar


Phonocube is an energy management unit that is suitable for integration in both new and existing photovoltaic systems. It combines the inverter, batteries and the photovoltaic system into one compact system.

Controlled by a SMART ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SEMS), Phonocube makes it possible for photovoltaic system owners to use PV electricity for their own requirements not only during sunlight hours but also at times of less light; such as in the morning or evening. Electricity produced by the photovoltaic system can be consumed directly, stored in the batteries or fed into the public grid. Phonocube ensures self-consumption is prioritised; grid power will only be used when neither the photovoltaic system nor the batteries are able to supply sufficient electricity.

Phonocube presents you not only with an essential product, but with an energy management solution. You will notice nothing different, except the reduction in your electricity bills!



Energy produced by the PV system (1) is used to optimize self-consumption; excess energy is used to recharge the batteries (3).


When the batteries (3) are fully charged and Phonocube is already meeting your self-consumption requirements; excess energy is fed into the public grid.


Once the sun has set, the system automatically switches to energy from the batteries (3).


If the battery (3) capacity is insufficient to meet your consumption requirements; electricity is then obtained from the public grid.

- Up to 100% daily self-consumption*
- Off-grid using and UPS function
- Operating mode switches automatically with no time delays
- Ultra-quiet design 
- High-performance lithium batteries designed for service life of expected 20 years 
- Certified by TÜV Rheinland
*Depending on PV Power/Battery ratio

Download Phonocube Datasheet(PDF)

Download Phonocube modbus protocol(PDF)

Download PHONOCUBE Lithium Battery Control System Communication Protocol(PDF)

Download Phonocube Compatibility Statement