Phono Solar Selected into 2021 Recommended List of PV Module Brands Issued by SolarQuotes


January 22nd, 2021, SolarQuotes, An Australia based leading evaluation and consulting platform specializing in distributed solar energy, unveiled “2021 Photovoltaic System Installation Guide-Recommended List of Photovoltaic Module Brands” (SOLAR 101: A BEGINNER'S GUIDE-2021 EDITION), which compares and analyses on anonymous evaluation and consulting data of photovoltaic brands by platform users and installers, Phono Solar was listed.

Founded in 2009, SolarQuotes has by then helped more than 520,000 users to obtain nearly 3,000 installation proposal quotations, and published more than 50,000 anonymous comments involving more than 2,300 solar installation companies, which helped itself grow into the most popular (i.e most visited) solar-specific website in Australia. During the selection process, SolarQuotes conducted a comprehensive analysis and evaluation on solar module brands from the four perspectives, namely product quality and warranty, local sales channels, Australian CEC listing scenario and customer reputation.

As a China state-owned enterprise, since the establishment of its Australian branch in 2014, Phono Solar has continuously invested resources to strengthen localized channel construction, and strive to create differentiated products and services that are both reliable and cost-effective. Meanwhile, it has built a mutually beneficial and win-win collaboration network with local distributing partners, continue to enhance the brand awareness and reputation of Phono Solar. After years of intensive cultivation, Phono Solar has become one of the most trusted household photovoltaic module brands in Australia, and has been rated as “Top Australian module brand” three years in a row by EUPD Research, a third-party research organization.

Australia Continent is rich in wind and solar resources, which give rise to a prospective development of renewable energy. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) forecasts, Australia’s newly installation is expected to maintain a steady growth in the next three years. In the future, Phono Solar will continue to adhere to the core values of "Reliability, Stability and Sustainability", deepen communication with customers under the changing economic and market environment, and deliver more customers with solar products and clean energy solutions of higher quality and reliability.