Helios Module

Next Generation of Mainstream Module
Excellent Power Generation Performance

Up to 85% bifaciality and up to 30% additional power generation

Competitive high-temperature performance with ameliorated temperature coefficient (-0.26%/℃)

Better weak illumination response of HJT technology leads higher power generation

More Environmentally Friendly

Lower carbon emissions

Consistent Reliability

Zero Light Induced Degradation

Industry-leading cell technology of TCO thin film contributes to excellent anti-PID characteristic

Shorter Payback Time

Lower BoS cost ensure a better LCOE

620-640W / Mono-M12 / 60*2 Cells


670-690W / Mono-M12 / 66*2 Cells


60 Cells

  • Mono-M12

66 Cells

  • Mono-M12