Green "Korean Wave" Hits | PHONO Shines at the International Green Energy Expo 2024-04-26
Treading the sand, chasing the light with the sea——PHONO debuted at World Future Energy Summit 2024-04-19
Assessment in Norway, Italy and Sweden 2024-04-09
2024 PV EXPO Japan | PHONO Made the Debut with innovative product portfolio 2024-03-02
Taste the Italian style and enjoy the low-carbon glamour, PHONO attend Key Energy 2024 2024-03-01
PHONO Stirs up OPEN ENERGIES 2024 with the Debut of New Products in Lyon, France 2024-01-25
2024 Tour Kicks Off: PHONO debuted at Intersolar North America & Energy Storage North America 2024-01-19
PHONO Successfully Signs 250MW PV Module Supply Agreement with Solomon Thailand 2024-01-12
Cross Mountains and Seas to Chase Sunlight | PHONO Exhibit at All-Energy Australia 2023 2023-10-30
PHONO's Commitment to Sustainability is Spotlighted in Elmässan Stockholm 2023 2023-10-20
PHONO Shine at Solar & Storage Live with Innovative Products and Energy Solutions 2023-10-19
PHONO Attend ZeroEmission Mediterranean to Innovate Green Energy and Promote Low-carbon Development 2023-10-11
PHONO Debut at RE+ with New Products and Localized Renewable Energy Solutions 2023-09-14
Debut of Brand New Image of Phono at Intersolar 2023-06-17
Phono Awarded Carbon Neutrality Achievement Verification Statement by TÜV SÜD 2023-06-15
Rebranding Phono: Redefining a New Era of Solar PV with Innovation as the Driving Force 2023-06-09
Phono Solar Obtains “Top Performer” In PVEL 2023 PV Module Reliability Test 2023-05-24
Moving Together to a Zero Carbon Future - Phono Solar to Be a 100% Green Factory 2023-03-29
This Sakura Blossom Season, Phono Solar Shows a Special Scenery to you at PV EXPO 2023-03-19
"With The Sunlight To Empower The Future Architecture" Phono Solar Debuted at Future Build 2023-03-09
Phono Solar Was Selected As “ 2023 Solarreviews Top10 ” 2023-02-07
Phono Solar attended PV Module Tech Conference, shared advanced PV module processing and power optim 2022-12-02
Nine Consecutive Years! Phono Solar Was Re-Elected on the Tier1 List of Bloomberg NEF by Virtue Of I 2022-11-24
Phono Solar Make the Debut at the Future Energy Show Philippines 2022 2022-09-09
Phono Solar Obtains “Top Performer” In PVEL 2022 PV Module Reliability Test 2022-05-19
Phono Solar makes a stunning appearance with a series of new products at Intersolar Europe 2022 2022-05-13
“TwinPlus X” is revealed, Phono Solar invites you to join in the Event of Intersolar in Munich 2022-05-11
Phono Solar Present at International Green Energy Expo Korea 2022 2022-04-13
Launch the Next Era | Phono Solar debuted N-type Module at Tokyo PV EXPO 2022-03-18
Launch the Next era!Phono Solar released DRACO Series Modules 2022-02-08
Stagger peak production, Ensure delivery on time 2021-10-05
Phono Solar Signs 100MW Module Supply Agreement with Aldo Solar 2021-05-17
Phono Solar Obtained Best Solar Panel Manufacturers Issued by Clean Energy Reviews 2021-03-12
Phono Solar Selected into 2021 Recommended List of PV Module Brands Issued by SolarQuotes 2021-01-21
Phono Solar Signs 200MW Module Supply Agreement with Solarclarity 2020-07-16
Phono Solar Completes Intelligent Upgrading of Manufacturing Base 2020-05-27
Phono Solar Attend GENERA Fair of Energy and Environment 2020-02-05
Phono Solar Signs 500MW Supply Agreement with Wattkraft 2020-01-21
Phono Solar Launched Innovative Products in Japan 2019-12-26
The Largest Commercial PV Project in Armenia Completed 2019-11-27
Phono Solar Participated in ANDREC WEEK in Colombia 2019-11-07
Phono Solar Supply Solar Panels for the First Intelligent PV Building in Colombia 2019-10-24
Phono Solar Participates in the 11th SEF Central and Eastern Europe Renewable Energy Forum 2019-10-2 2019-10-21
Phono Solar Portable Solar Derivative Products Unveiled at the 126th Canton Fair 2019-10-17
Phono Solar Receiving the World's First UL 61730 Certificate 2019-10-07
Phono Solar Attend Solar Power International 2019 2019-09-26
Phono Solar Efficient Modules and Floating System Shine Renewable Energy International India 2019-09-20
Phono Solar 8MW Commercial Rooftop Project Put into Commercial Operation in Belgium 2019-09-18
Phono Solar Bring Star Series Modules to Intersolar South America 2019 2019-08-30
Phono Solar Obtains “Top Performer” In DNV-GL 2019 PV Module Reliability Test 2019-06-20
Phono Solar Attend MIREC WEEK 2019 and Unveiled Innovative Products 2019-05-23
Phono Solar exhibits at Intersolar EU 2019 2019-05-16
Expanding in Latin America - Phono Solar Invited to CIREC 2019 2019-04-11
The Netherlands’s Market Flourished and Phono Solar Entered the Mainstream Market with Competitive D 2019-03-25
Phono Solar Signed Supply Orders of 7WM Modules in Japan by Relying on its Recognized High-efficienc 2019-03-18
Phono Solar Invited to Nepal Solar Week 2019 to Seize Emerging Markets in Southeast Asia 2019-03-06
Phono Solar Sparkled at PV EXPO in Japan, Showing the Strength of an Enterprise Directly Under the C 2019-02-28
Debuting at Japan EcoPro, Phono Solar Demonstrates the Strength of China's Energy Centralized E 2018-12-19
Phono Solar once again awarded“High-tech Enterprise”title by the Ministry of Science and Technology 2018-12-18
[Phono Solar Project Reference Review] "One Belt, One Road" Overseas Project Tour 2018-11-23
Phono Solar Reached 6MW Module Supply Cooperation with Marubeni Corporation 2018-11-19
Kyocera and Mizuho Bank successively visited Phono Solar 2018-10-26
In Search of Remarkable | Phono Solar highlights the high-end manufacturing level in SPI 2018 2018-09-27
Phono Solar brings a variety of innovative and efficient modules to the REI exhibition in India 2018-09-20
Phono Solar Signed cooperative agreement with Dupont Photovoltaic Solution 2018-08-30
Phono Solar Innovative Technology Shines at Intersolar 2018, Further Promoting Brand Internationaliz 2018-06-25
Phono Solar Obtains “Top Performer” In DNV-GL 2018 PV Module Test 2018-06-19
Phono Solar Signed A 150MW Module Supply Agreement with Supply Partners 2018-06-04
Harvesting “One Belt and One Road" Phono Solar Obtained Turkey's 24.2MW Module Supply Orde 2018-05-17
SUMEC GROUP ranks 109th in the “Top 500 Listed Companies in China in 2017” 2018-04-29
Phono Solar explores overseas markets and accelerates localization 2018-04-12
Phono Solar brings a variety of differentiated products to bloom Tokyo PV EXPO 2018-02-28
SUMEC ENERGY's Pakistan 18MW PV Power Plant Connected to Grid 2017-12-29
SUMEC Phono Solar Signs 200MW PV Module Global Supply Agreement with Wattkraft 2017-12-29
SUMEC Ceremoniously Releases PHONO SOLAR Two New Module Products in Japan 2017-11-16
SUMEC Energy Officially Kicks off 50 MW Wind Power Project in Pakistan 2017-10-25
SUMEC ENERGY Unveils Its Brand-new High Efficiency Modules at All-Energy Australia 2017-10-13
SUMEC ENERGY “Highlights” China’s Business Card at Solar Power International 2017, USA 2017-09-15
With “Overseas Factory Pattern” Implemented, SUMEC ENERGY Successfully Exports Chinese Brand 2017-09-02
Actively Responding to the Belt and Road Initiative, SUMEC ENERGY Obtains Rich Fruits in Greece 2017-07-26
Phono Solar supplies 7 MW modules to US companies to deepen cooperation in the field of distributed 2017-06-21
Phono Solar Wins Largest-Ever Order for PV Modules in Indian Market 2017-06-12
Phono Solar's black silicon technology patented to increase module "specific power" b 2017-05-25
In a Calm Response to EU’s “Double Anti” Probes, SUMEC’s Phono Solar about to Deliver 150MW PV Modul 2017-05-09
Phonosolar 1,500V System Voltage Single-glass Modules Awarded with ETL Certificate 2017-04-15
Phono Solar will Shock the Japan PV EXPO 2017 with its Production Level MWT Modules 2017-02-28
Phono Solar Partners with Citizens Energy for 28MW Solar Farm in Georgia 2016-12-02
Phono Solar unveiled three new modules at the US SPI 2016 2016-09-18
SUMEC Energy to Kick off Road Show on Promoting Distributed PV Solution Together with Continental Ti 2016-08-09
SUMEC Energy to Tap Cooperative Potentials behind the Belt and Road Initiatives, a 4.71 MW Photovolt 2016-08-08
SUMEC Energy to create an unprecedented Art Photovoltaic Exhibition at Intersolar 2016-08-08
Phono Solar Ranked as Industry Leader in DNV GL’s PV Module Reliability Scorecard 2016-08-02
SUMEC Working Together with Jiangsu Solarspace Co., Ltd. to Develop Black Silicon High Efficiency Ce 2016-07-18
Phono Solar Announces Commissioning of PV Power Plant Outdoor Test System in Hainan, China 2016-01-07
Romanian Investor gained award by Phono Solar High-Performance PV Modules 2015-12-01
Phono Solar achieves Class-A for Brazil's INMETRO Certification 2015-11-18
Erebus strikes new partnership with Phono Solar for KL City Grand Prix 2015-08-21
Phono Solar incorporated in Solarif’s PV Module Quality Assurance List 2015-07-30
Phono Solar delivers Solar PV Modules for the Largest Single Ground-Based PV Power Plant in Yachimat 2015-07-16
SUMEC's 37.7% Growth of Imp. & Exp. in 2014 Hits New Record 2015-02-17
PRESS RELEASE 2015-02-17
Chinese ‘Go Global’ pioneer SUMEC successfully connects Pakistan’s first Megawatt-level photovoltaic 2015-02-11
Brand-New Modules of Phono Solar Pass JET Certification Thoroughly Putting an End to the Patent Dile 2015-02-05
The Latest UL Type1 PV Module of Phono Solar Fully Satisfies Fire Rating Requirements of a Class A S 2015-02-05
SUMEC ranked 60th among TOP 100 Chinese Brands 2015-01-15
Phono Solar Announces Commissioning of Pflugerville Texas School District Solar Project 2014-11-20
Phono Solar granted the TMP laboratory qualification by TUV SUD Group 2014-10-24
Outstanding PID test performance of Phono Solar PV panels, conducted by Japan’s Chemitox Laboratory 2014-10-08
Japanese establishment for SUMEC, Phono Solar signs a 20MW order 2014-09-23
Phono Solar was invited to visit Sri Lanka 2014-08-22
hono Solar’s Parent Company Makes a Giant Leap in Global Fortune 500 2014-07-09
Phono Solar presents Dual-glass modules for the first time 2014-05-26
Phono Solar Australia opens in Sydney 2014-05-06
Phono Solar Recognized as Tier 1 on Bloomberg BNEF Module Maker Tiering System 2014-02-25
'2014, the year of Evolution'—The theme of the 3rd Phono Solar annual conference 2014-01-29
Segen Now Stocking Phono Solar PV Panels 2013-12-23
Phonocube Unveiled in Poland by Phono Solar For the First Time 2013-11-29
Phono Solar obtaining the whole set of "PV Energy Storage" Authentication Certificates fir 2013-09-11
PanelClaw Approves Phono Solar Modules to UL 2703 Certification 2013-08-22
IST and Phono Solar to Join Forces 2013-08-13
SUMEC signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Attica Finance 2013-07-12
Phono Solar Obtained the First AWEA Certificate Issued in China 2013-03-13
Frame-attached AC Module from Phono Solar Obtained Interket Certification 2013-03-05
Phono Solar and Symbior Energy sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Thailand 40MW PV project 2013-01-20
Exchanging Test Program deepening the Cooperation between Phono Solar and Power-One 2013-01-20
Phono Solar module testing centre joins Intertek's SATELLITE™ Data Acceptance Program 2012-12-18
New Phono Solar insurance scheme provided for the Japanese market 2012-12-04
Phono Solar modules pass PID test with excellent performance results 2012-11-21
Phono Solar and Power-One sign Global Strategic Cooperation Agreement 2012-11-15
Phono Solar modules receive ETL 1000V certification 2012-11-08
Phono Solar and Electrasol Proiect announce completion of 500KW installation in Galati, Romania 2012-10-15
Phono Solar and Enphase Energy Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement 2012-09-13
Phono Solar partners with Electrasol Proiect to raise awareness for renewable energy in Romania 2012-09-10
Phono Solar sponsors Borussia Dortmund 2012-08-27
Phono Solar Diamond and Onyx module connectors receive IP68 certification 2012-08-03
Promoted by “BRIC Strategy”, Phono Solar Officially Engaging in Brazil Market 2012-07-23
Phono Solar provides modules for 800-home project in York 2012-07-19
SINOMACH entered into Fortune 500 again, moved up 68 places 2012-07-10
Phono Solar unveils the Phono Enercube and showcases new modules at Intersolar 2012 2012-06-15
YTO and GE Carry on a Cooperative Research on Electric Tractor 2012-06-07
SINOMACH Still the NO. 1 of the China’s Top 100 Machinery Enterprises in 2011 2012-05-31
Phono Solar and GCL partner to expand China’s domestic power plant market 2012-05-23
Phono Solar partners with PODPASSIV 2012-05-22
Phono Solar to Partner With Suntech Amid Price Declines 2012-05-10
Phono Solar signs 500MW supply agreement with Germany’s SYBAC Solar AG 2012-04-25
Phono Solar’s all-black ONYX Modules receive MCS accreditation 2012-04-19
With Roots in Education, Love Flourishes in Equatorial Guinea 2012-04-05
Phono Solar showcases the latest in PV and Wind technology at Ecobuild 2012-03-16
New year activity ‘WIN’ held by Phono Solar on Jan 16th 2012-02-06
SINOMACH to Strengthen Cooperation with Odessa Oblast, Ukraine 2012-01-12
Phono Wind firstly achieved IEC certificate from Intertek in China 2012-01-04
Phono Solar first achieved OHSAS18001 certification 2011-11-27
Republic of Belarus Deputy Prime Minister Tozik Visits SINOMACH Group 2011-11-12
Phono Solar’s PV Modules Receive Certification for Salt Mist Corrosion Test 2011-11-05
250MW PV Module Project of Phono Solar Phase II Is Completed and Put Into Production 2011-10-26
SINOMACH Establishes Strategic Partnership with GE 2011-10-08
Phono Solar launches AC Module 2011-09-19
Phono Solar Ranked as Industry Leader in DNV GL’s PV Module Reliability Scorecard 2006-09-23


BorussiaDortmund Sponsor

Phono Solar became the official sponsor of the German football league Borussia Dortmund in 2012.

Qinghai Rallying

Phono became official sponsor for China Qinghai Lake Plateau Off-Road Elite Rallies for two consecutive years from 2016 to 2017, through its accumulative knowledge in the field of clean energy, injecting the power of central enterprises into the green construction for the Qinghai Lake Plateau Off-road Elite Rallies.


Date Name Location Booth No.
6.13-15 SNEC 2024 Shanghai, China B 170
February 28 - March 1,2024 Key The Energy Transition Expo Rimini, Italy D1-014B
February 28 - March 1,2024 PV EXPO 2024 Tokyo, Japan E9-5