"With The Sunlight To Empower The Future Architecture" Phono Solar Debuted at Future Build


On March 7, Future Build, a three-day exhibition of green building materials in London, opened at ExCeL London. Phono Solar debuted at the Expo, revealing the infinite possibility of combining sunlight with buildings and showing the charm of green buildings. In this exhibition, Phono Solar brings customized module products and cutting-edge technology achievements to the UK building materials market.


Founded in 2005, Future Build is a world-renowned exhibition of sustainable architectural design, structure and environment. The exhibition is designed to provide the stage for inspiring ideas, innovative solutions and knowledge sharing to drive sustainable construction and help reach goal of net zero.


As one of the global economic powers, the UK's GDP in 2022 ranks 6. And its construction industry has developed rapidly. In order to complete existing construction contracts for health, education, transportation, historic sites and residential housing, fund will be invests heavily in this industry over the next 5-10 years. Britain is widely recognized as the open construction market in Europe, the demand for construction products and technologies is increasing continuously, and its exploration and practice of building energy-saving and green building theories are always in the forefront of the world.

The two 108 cells small size modules of the 420W Draco module series and the 415W TwinPlus X module series from Phono Solar are designed to meet the needs of the UK roof distribution market. Among them, Draco modules’s first-year degradation rate is less than 1.0%, and the technological features including zero LID also endowed extraordinary power generation performance and higher quality reliability, supporting it to be a better choice for more applications including BIPV, ground, vertical installation, snowfield, high-humid area, etc. This product is specially added with lightweight customized design this time. Compared with common modules, the product is more portable and lighter, which greatly improves the security and operability of the product during transportation, installation, operation and maintenance.


Twinplus X module series ensure superior power generation efficiency, with a higher standard of product design, more rigorous material selection and reliability testing, as well as phono solar's consistent quality control system, to ensure that highly consistent elegant black appearance, to meet the UK customers,  especially the roofing market users' dual needs for practicality and aesthetics.


As a pioneer of the old industrial country and the low-carbon idea, the UK launched the world’s first Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) in the mid-20th century. It proposed and passed the first Climate Change Act to set targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Britain will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent in 2050 compared with 1990. Recently, the UK has also announced a new target of increasing the installed PV system in the UK from the current 14 GW to 70 GW by 2035, and eliminating the VAT on household PV systems. Due to the policy support and the impact of the energy crisis, the UK PV market has developed rapidly, among which rooftop PV has become an important growth pole of the UK PV power industry. In 2022, 555MW of new PV capacity was installed in the UK, with 288.6MW of rooftop micro-generation projects of less than 4kW size accounting for most of the growth.

The U. K. market has been an important market for Phono Solar for a long time. Phono Solar has been adhering to the stability, reliability, and sustainability brand concept, and has accumulated good reputation and loyal customers and partners in the market by virtue of excellent product quality and professional, differentiated services.

In the future, phono solar will continue to work with our customers in the UK and around the world to promote the application and progress of BIPV roofs worldwide. Phono Solar looks forward to working with you, making contributions to achieve the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goal, leading green better future by virtue of clean energy!