Phono Solar 8MW Commercial Rooftop Project Put into Commercial Operation in Belgium


Recently, an 8MW industrial and commercial rooftop photovoltaic power project in the Brussels- Antwerp region was successfully connected to the grid. The project started construction in July this year and was completed in early September. The project uses 25,000 Phono Solar brand high-efficiency photovoltaic modules. Which is expected to generate approximately 9.6 million kWh of green electricity per year for the owner, reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 9571.2 tons.



As a member of the EU member states, Belgium needs to develop more renewable energy to achieve a cleaner energy structure in order to achieve the 2020 climate target. The data shows that 98% of the 526,000 solar generators in Belgium are from residential systems of no more than 10 kW. The total capacity of small-scale solar energy accounts for 64% of the total, and the rest comes mainly from commercial and industrial rooftops.



According to data released by the Belgian Renewable Energy Association, Belgian photovoltaic power generation is mainly distributed in the three regions of Flanders, Valloni and Brussels. According to the EU's 32.5% renewable energy target and the action plan proposed by the three regions of Belgium, in 2019, the new installed capacity in the Flanders region is about 350MW, the Varoni region is about 205MW, and the Brussels region is about 18MW. In 2019, Phono Solar's share of the distributed market in Belgium was nearly 10%.



As early as 2006, Phono Solar has continued to put the lay out in Benelux. After more than ten years of accumulation, by the first half of 2019, Phono Solar's European market continued to grow rapidly, including the Benelux region. The main PV module brand in the European market. With its reliable products and services, Phono Solar has gained more and more attention on a global scale and in different types of photovoltaic power generation sector.



Daren Shi, head of Phono Solar Europe, said that European customers are very strict with the module brands. Technology, efficiency, reliability and electricity cost are the key factors to measure the quality of the brand. Phono Solar was able to win the project and on the other hand verified that the Phono Solar brand has been widely recognized by European customers. We will continue to strengthen and consolidate the development achievements in the European PV market, relying on efficient module with high efficiency, high reliability and low electricity cost to promote the development of clean energy in Europe.