In Search of Remarkable | Phono Solar highlights the high-end manufacturing level in SPI 2018


From September 25th to 27th, International Solar Power Exhibition (SPI 2018), the largest and most influential professional solar event in the United States, was held in California.

As the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products, Phono Solar displayed several innovative and efficient products with Shingled module , bifacial and half-cell modules.

Under the background of the escalating trade friction between China and the United States, on the one hand, Chinese PV manufacturers represented by Phono Solar are still standing on cutting-edge technology research and development, and constantly improve their core competitiveness in the international market; on the other hand, Phono Solar is not afraid of the impact of trade friction, actively seeks cooperative solutions to promote the continuous growth of international trade, and signs the contract of 300MW in Mexico and 100MW modules in Brazil at the exhibition site, laying a solid foundation for the South American market layout and highlighting the high-end manufacturing strength of energy central enterprises to overseas markets.

The half-cell module with an output power of up to 380W is the focus of Phono Solar's display for the US market. Compared to conventional module, Phono Solar half-cell modules also have higher product reliability and higher output power. When the main grid current is halved, the current internal loss is reduced by 75%, which can bring about 5 to 10W power bonus.

In terms of reliability and output efficiency, Phono Solar's innovative bifacial modules also have significant advantages. Thanks to the double-sided design, this module not only combines all the advantages of the dual-glass module, but also combines different application scenarios with a power gain of 30%. For large-scale ground mounted stations, bifacial modules can further reduce project costs, and can also increase the overall power generation by 10%-30%, which is gradually becoming the best choice for increasing investment returns.

It is worth mentioning that as a next-generation photovoltaic product driven by technological innovation and R&D, Phono Solar's shingled modules are also compatible with a variety of cell technology. Under the same area, the shingled module can have a higher output power than conventional modules. The launch of this series of innovative and reliable products has won high recognition and praise from customers all over the world.

However, the recent trade barriers set by the United States have also tighten the sensitive nerves of market practitioners. Market analysts believe that in the short run, the Trump administration's policies will have a negative impact on the clean energy industry. Corporate tax reforms, import tariffs on solar and metal products, and deteriorating trade relations with China have created challenges for the development of domestic power projects that rely on low-cost equipment and tax incentives.

Talking about international trade barriers, Aaron Wu, executive vice president of Phono Solar, said: “'Innovation', 'Stability' and 'Reliability' are the corporate values we have been pursuing. This is a product-centered era. The development of Phono Solar always focuses on the dual-core drive of supply chain and business internationalization. Priority in the international market, and constantly consolidate our localization advantages; Continuous technological innovation and R&D investment provide guarantee for our high-quality product quality. Facing ups and downs of the photovoltaic industry, keeping an eye on the future, and seeking sustainable development will be our constantly firm choice."