Brand-New Modules of Phono Solar Pass JET Certification Thoroughly Putting an End to the Patent Dile


Recently, Phono Solar, a leading global provider of new energy integration solutions, announced that its four-grating polycrystalline PV modules have successfully obtained an authentication certificate from JET, a Japanese testing organization. Thus, in the industry, Phono Solar has become one of only a handful of manufacturers to success fully overcome the dispute over the three-grating photovoltaic module patent in Japan. Products passing this round of JET certification are all four-grating 156-polycrystalline PV modules, and power covers the entire range of products.

Making four-grating polycrystalline modules that pass JET certification is an important step in the strategy implementation of Phono Solar in the Japanese market. Geng Geng, the vice general manager of Phono Solar, said: “The mono crystalline and polycrystalline modules of Phono Solar have obtained JET certification two years in a row, letting us possess more product lines to satisfy different market requirements.”

With the launch of the four-grating polycrystalline module, Phono Solar has obtained higher conversion efficiency. In addition, products passing this round of JET certification are Phono Solar’s brand-new four-grating polycrystalline modules, allowing Phono Solar to avoid the dispute over the three-grating photovoltaic module patents on the Japanese market. It is said that, in the industry, manufacturer successfully evading the abovementioned dispute are very few.