The Netherlands’s Market Flourished and Phono Solar Entered the Mainstream Market with Competitive D


According to the installed PV capacity in Europe recently released by Solar Power Europe, the Netherlands ranked among the top three for the first time in 2018 with an additional installed capacity of 1.4GW. Module categories with competitive differentiation gained noticed in the mainstream markets. On March 21, at the Solar Solution at Amsterdam's Haarlemmermeer Convention and Exhibition Center, the TwinPlus315 monocrystalline all-black half-cell module exhibited by Phono Solar, an energy enterprise directly under the central government, attracted the attention of the visitors.

The data shows that since 2018, the entire European PV market has grown obviously, with the additional installed capacity of 11GW in the whole year and 9.2GW in the same period in 2017, up by 20%. Germany, Turkey and the Netherlands took the top three places, and the Netherlands gained its position in the GW-level Solar Club for the first time with 1.4GW installed capacity. It is estimated that the Dutch market continues to grow in 2019 to reach 2GW.

Chinese enterprises are aiming at the fast-growing PV market in the Netherlands. Phono Solar has been positioning the European market since 2006 and has successfully entered the mainstream Dutch market in cooperation with SolarClarity, one of the largest distributors in the region. Its differentiated segments such as monocrystalline all-black, half-cell, bifacial modules are favored by the market.

At this exhibition in the Netherlands, Phono Solar's exhibits include TwinPlus315 monocrystalline all-black half-cell module and Premium polycrystalline 275 module. The TwinPlus all-black half-cell module features all-black design and excellent anti-PID performance, little shadow occlusion, and excellent performance in low light; Better temperature coefficient reduces the power attenuation caused by high temperature,and lead to less cracking and more stable generation performance.. In addition, the IP68 connector greatly improves the reliability of the PV system.  , 

Local distributors in Europe can be harsh on the selection of module brands. Technology, efficiency, reliability and profit margin are the key factors to measure the quality of brands. Phono Solar's products are valued by European distributors for their excellent anti-PID performance, sound performance in low light environment and other technical advantages, as well as its reliable and stable brand advantages.

The head of Phono Solar International Business Center stated that Phono Solar has established a mature and reliable channel supply system, and through upgrading product technology, production and supply chain, it has reduced the cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated, striving to achieve the top five market share in the segments and become the main supplier in the European market including the Netherlands.