Treading the sand, chasing the light with the sea——PHONO debuted at World Future Energy Summit


From April 16 to 18, PHONO attended the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi as a global leading provider of solar products and services with our high-efficiency modules, cells and turnkey solutions. The summit is an important event in the field of sustainable energy in the Middle East, aiming to promote the local energy transition and explore innovative ways for future energy development.

The Middle East is rich in solar energy resources, and advancing PV technology is playing a key role in Saudi Arabia and the UAE in a number of environmental and energy sectors, such as desalination, agricultural irrigation and urban water supply. At the same time, the UAE government has actively introduced incentives such as financing programmes and strategic deployment of renewable energy projects, and the market for large ground-mounted and rooftop power plants are promising.

As a company dedicated to the research, development and application of renewable energy technologies, PHONO is bringing energy to Abu Dhabi, a mysterious city that is half desert and half sea, with our latest Helios series heterojunction modules,Draco series TOPCon modules,high-efficiency TOPCon cells and a package of local manufacturing solutions.

Among them, the heterojunction module Helios series uses 210mm large-size silicon wafers, with a module conversion efficiency of up to 23.2% and a temperature coefficient of just -0.24%/°C. The light conversion film technology equipped with the module can effectively convert ultraviolet light into visible light, increase the energy gain of the module, and reduce the attenuation caused by ultraviolet rays. In addition, through the encapsulation process of special materials, stronger water resistance is achieved, which guarantees the stability and reliability of Helios modules and ensures that the power generation efficiency is more than 88% over a 30-year period. The module output of Draco series can reach up to 585Wp. The excellent power generation performance, higher reliability and shorter payback period make Draco series the most cost-effective choice for many local PV applications.

Relying on the powerful SUMEC Group platform, PHONO can provide turnkey solution including engineering, finance, technology training, operation management and other services, covers the manufacturing plants of ingot, wafer, cell and module, providing customers with a full range of intelligent manufacturing services. Meanwhile, with rich experience in EPC and project operation and maintenance, we believe that all parties can create more sparks of cooperation in renewable energy projects in the region.

As the world is increasingly concerned about sustainable development, Sumida Phylon adheres to the brand values of "Innovation, Reliability and Sustainability", actively practices ESG and green development concepts, and contributes to the realization of sustainable development goals and the construction of a clean and green energy future.