Phono Solar obtaining the whole set of "PV Energy Storage" Authentication Certificates fir


Phono Solar, a global leading new energy solution supplier, announced on September 6 that it had obtained the first whole set of "PV Energy Storage" authentication certificates issued by Germany TUV in the world for its latest PhonocubeTM all-in-one PV storage and inverter machine.

With constant reducing of PV product and system costs, PV power prices of various national governments also witness decline year by year. In advanced countries represented by Germany, PV power price has been lower than ordinary power price; furthermore, the latter presents continuous rising in the rate of 3-5% each year, which has been a plain truth in above countries. For the purposes of fully realizing denuclearization and energy strategy transformation in Germany as well as relieving the pressure of distributed generation imposed on power grid, the German Government officially enacted the subsidy policies for PV energy storage system to encourage people to realize "self-generation and self-utilization" with PV system to the greatest extent.

Adhering to the principle of "realizing "self-generation and self-utilization with PV system to the greatest extent", PhonocubeTM emerges at the right moment. As it integrates a series of functions of connection, inverter, control, power management, gird combination and etc., authentication of PhonocubeTM becomes a systematic and comprehensive project, involving product authentication, storage battery authentication, grid combination authentication, low voltage, EMC and many other authentication fields. The whole set of authentication takes more than 2 months, involving nearly 40 test items. PhonocubeTM passes authorized certification of Germany TUV and obtains the whole set of certificates, indicating that the product performance, quality, safety and other aspects mostly concerned by the customers have been recognized by the authority and providing guarantee to the greatest extent on daily utilization and investment return of the customers.

Original DPT (dynamic power track technology) of the product, besides effectively improving power of the complete machine, can also prolong service lift of the storage battery. In the mean time, due to the highly intensive product structure, intelligent power management system, ultra-silence, low power consumption, household appliance and many other humanized designs, once emerging in Intersolar Fair in German in June, prototype of the product has attracted great concern in the industry.

YUAN Quan, marketing manager of Phono Solar cheerily said, "Subside policies of German on power storage have the same market driving force with feed-in tariff (FIT) in PV industry. PhonocubeTM has been recognized by Germany TUV, which fully reflects the brand core values 'reliability, stability and creativity' of Phono Solar."

It is reported that, from the current month to the end of this year, small-amount trail installation of PhonocubeTM will be implemented in German and supply in batch will be started in the first quarter of 2014. PhonocubeTM being authenticated and firstly introduced to the market is the "three-phase" first-generation product specially designed aiming to power grid of German. The second-generation PhonocubeTM coming soon, besides with single-phase inverter function, will have more utility functions which may improve customers' experience and satisfy demands of more counties and regions on power storage system.