Phono Solar unveils the Phono Enercube and showcases new modules at Intersolar 2012


Phono Solar, one of the world’s largest producers of quality monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon solar modules, today unveiled its latest products at Intersolar, including the Enercube: a new residential energy storage and management solution.

The Phono Enercube

The Phono Enercube, an easy-to-install energy storage and inverter solution, is being showcased for the first time at Intersolar 2012. The system intelligently and dynamically distributes electricity; ensuring power is available even after the sun has set. Available in three different models, this highly efficient solution built from years of experience in the PV sector offers a storage capacity of 6.4, 7.7 or 9 kWh, and annual energy outputs of up to 2880, 3360 or 3840 kWh, respectively. The energy management system provides households with excellent power outputs combined with detailed analysis of energy usage.

Mariana Hall, Vice-President of Phono Solar Europe, said: “The Phono Enercube is an essential solution for residential installations around the world. Until now, consumers have had to either use electricity generated immediately, or feed it into the National Grid. The Phono Enercube ensures that energy generated will be available when the consumer needs it. The analysis offered by the Phono Enercube also promotes efficient energy usage, as consumers are made aware of their consumption levels. This is the future of solar installations for households.”

Eric Yuan, Marketing Manager, Phono Solar, said: “This year at Intersolar we continue to demonstrate Phono Solar’s innovative and compelling products, designed for renewable energy markets around the world. We are showcasing solutions that build and complement a range that has already been adopted by thousands of homes around the UK.”

The Phono Enercube will be available later in 2012.

The latest module technology

AC Series

Phono Solar’s high-performance AC Series is also being exhibited this week. The series utilises the groundbreaking Enphase Microinverter, a compact unit connected directly to the module, which converts DC to AC current. The panels and microinverter work together to maximise system efficiency, while sending vital performance information to an Enphase Envoy communications gateway hub.


Phono Solar is also showcasing the latest in panel technology, including its INTELLIGENT-TI (Integrated with Tigo Energy Maximiser) panels, INTELLIGENT-SE (Integrated with SolarEdge Power Optimiser) panels and Frameless modules, designed for BIPV applications.

Phono Solar’s INTELLIGENT Series is the fruit of recent partnerships with SolarEdge Technologies Ltd and Tigo Energy®.

Eric Yuan continued: “We are very pleased to cooperate with such strong partners. Our INTELLIGENT Series of modules is strengthened immeasurably by their technology. The new INTELLIGENT-TI and INTELLIGENT-SE modules are exciting new products that consumers are already demanding.”

Also being showcased at Intersolar is Phono Solar’s Wind and Solar Hybrid Generator System: a PV and Wind Storage management system, and the innovative Phono Solar Street Light and Phono Hybid Street Light.

Closing Date: Jun. 15, 2012