Phono Solar partners with Electrasol Proiect to raise awareness for renewable energy in Romania


Phono Solar, a global renewable energy solutions manufacturer, and Electrasol Proiect, the photovoltaic system manufacturer and developer, have come together to promote renewable energy in Central and Eastern Europe.

The recent B’Estfest summer festival held in Romania provided the companies with a platform to hundreds of thousands of young people to further advance the cause of renewable energy in these markets. The festival is the first of a number of awareness building events in which Phono Solar and Electrasol Proiect will participate in 2012, including TIB - Bucharest International Technical Fair and RENEXPO SOUTH-EAST EUROPE.

At the heart of the festival, which took place over the summer, was the ‘Green Village’, a renewable energy centre in which a number of NGOs, art expositions and various other ecological activities took place. The centre was powered by a Phono Solar and Electrasol off-grid solar system. Utilising six Phono Solar 240 watt polycrystalline modules, the Green Village had various applications, including a ‘Charging Point’, at which those attending the festival were invited to charge their electrical goods such as phones and laptops.

Valentin Macec, Phono Solar Romania Country Manager, said: “We were more than happy to work with Electrasol Proiect to provide modules for B’Estfest. It’s very important to expose young generations of decision makers to the practical nature of renewable energy solutions. Our hope is that through initiatives such as the Green Village at B’Estfest, young people will come into contact with PV modules, and will perceive them to be part of a viable energy solution for the future. We are already thinking of ways to encourage young people to embrace PV technology in the future, and are looking forward to next year.”

Mr. Suciu Alexandru, General Manager of Electrasol Proiect, said: “We have worked with Phono Solar since the Romanian photovoltaic market began offering incentives for PV in November 2011. We were delighted to work with them again in the Green Village to promote green energy and music and to see the impact it had on people at the festival. They came into contact with PV energy for the first time and were interested. They were ready to test it and even purchase! In 2013, we want to go bigger and do more with Phono Solar to support more eco-friendly initiatives, such as next summer’s B’Estfest Goes Green festival.”

B'Estfest is a Romanian music festival recognised worldwide as one of the most important events in music in Central and Eastern Europe. Approximately 200,000 people attended the festival, which featured acts such as Garbage, Pulp, Milow Booka Shade, Caro Emerald and The Quemists.

Closing Date: Sep. 10, 2012