Phono Solar presents Dual-glass modules for the first time


York, UK – May 26, 2014 - Phono Solar, a global leading renewable energy solution supplier, will unveil its latest products at Intersolar including the Dual-glass module, on display for the first time in Germany.

The Phono Solar Dual-glass module is manufactured using float glass on both the front and rear side of the module – replacing the photovoltaic back sheet. This improves the module's weather resistance to environmental factors including dust, moisture, high temperatures and humidity; therefore making it an ideal choice in areas subject to extreme weather conditions, e.g. desert and coastal areas.

The latest model of the Phonocube will also be on display; allowing visitors to see how photovoltaic systems can function on a stand-alone basis. The Phonocube is an innovative storage solution designed to boost the efficiency of a photovoltaic system. The Phonocube stores power generated by a PV system during the day and feeds it into the household power supply during the evening, when most power-consuming products run. The Phonocube utilizes Phono Solar's unique DPT (Dynamic Power Tracking Technology) which maximizes energy usage and can also prolong the life of the lithium ion phosphate batteries. This allows average self-consumption levels of between 30%-60% to be achieved, with the potential to increase to 100% during summer months. In situations where a large storage facility is required, several Phonocubes can be connected together. The latest Phonocube will also allow customers to remotely access their system using technology from Solar-Log.

Finally, the Phono Solar team will also be available to discuss their LED solutions. LED lampsare characterized by theirlong lifespan and better electrical efficiency when comparedwith the more traditional incandescent lamp - therefore reducing the replacement frequency and daily maintenance costs. The PhonoSolarLED solution alsooffers a specialspectrum with no ultra violet radiation.

Mr. Roland Menken, Vice President of Phono Solar, commented: "Through systematic diversification we want to operate sustainably in the German market and for our innovative solutions in the field of storage, control, lighting and smart home solutions to complement our portfolio of high-quality