Phono Solar Diamond and Onyx module connectors receive IP68 certification


Phono Solar, the global renewable energy solutions manufacturer, today announces its Diamond and Onyx series photovoltaic module connectors have received IP68 certification, reaffirming and demonstrating their reliability.

Mariana Hall, Vice President of Phono Solar, said: "Phono Solar Diamond and Onyx module connectors receiving IP68 certification demonstrates a robust and dependable product. Customers can rest assured that installations using our modules will run optimally in whatever conditions. These connectors guarantee that Diamond and Onyx series modules are exceptionally resistant to corrosion and the outside influence of rain, dust, ammonia and other natural environments."

As defined by IEC 60529, the IP (Ingress Protection Rating) protection grade system marks electrical equipment according to its performance against interference or intrusion of objects such as dust and moisture. IP protection grades consist of two figures: the first figure indicates the dust separating and foreign material invasion proofing grades of the electrical equipment, while the second figure indicates moisture proofing and water proofing levels. IP68 features among the system's highest protection grades.

Closing Date: Aug. 3, 2012