250MW PV Module Project of Phono Solar Phase II Is Completed and Put Into Production


Phono Solar Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Phono Solar) phase II held the launching ceremony of 250MW PV Module Project in Nanjing on the 26th of October, 2011. As a renewable subsidiary of SUMEC Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as SUMEC) which subordinates itself to China National Machinery Industry Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the SINOMACH), Phono Solar phase II not only marked its capacity has reached 450MW, but also brought long-term strategic significance for renewable energy plate of SINOMACH, Solar business of SUMEC and the brand of Phono Solar.

Based on the project experience of phase I, Phono Solar phase II introduced many advanced concepts. First of all, it adopted more reliable and more rational production line design concepts. To ensure the rationality of this design proposal, it not only listened to the guidance from each expert of PV industry, but also brought the ideas of technology, production, equipment, quality and other relevant departments together. After the late professional debugging, the results completely met the expected design requirements.

Secondly, Phono Solar phase II adopted the concept of using domestic major equipment and imported core equipment. For example, it chooses the world’s most advanced SUNSIM 3C solar simulator which produced by Swiss PASAN as its power testing equipment. Its light source level reaches 6A, but now the industry generally uses 3A level. And its automatic soldering machine is provided by German TT. The rational allocation of the equipments cannot only guarantee the advancement, stability and reliability of the production process, but also enhance cost effective, which makes this production line more cost effective than the domestic counterparts.

Lastly, from the aspects of plant layout and plant model selection, Phono Solar adheres to the concept of people-oriented. This concept is reflected by two parts. One is about man-machine engineering equipment, for example, it realized the full automation of the border machine by the collaborative research with equipment supplier, which could optimize the staff comfort. Another one is the resting area which is designed for the staff. This design boosted the confidence and strengthened the loyalty of internal staff. It reflected the social responsibility of Phono Solar which always centers on the staff.

‘I am very honored and touched to witness the first launching PV module of our new project, which indicates Phono Solar has entered a new strategic phase. From the early small scale production and initial development of our brand marketing, now we have 450MW independent, moderate capacity. Phono Solar now is showing our distinctive development way to the world by our action. The completion of Phono Solar phase II not only enhanced the product quality, but also brought profound significance for optimizing the brand image of Phono Solar. We will continue to adhere to the brand-centric development path, strongly develop the application and sales of the terminal market and build Phono Solar as a terminal brand for renewable area,’ said Mr. Cai Jibo, President of Phono Solar.

With the rapid price decline of PV products and continuously falling of the subsidies of traditional renewable powers, the renewable industry experienced a severe test in 2011. Under this tough circumstance, Phono Solar not only completed the 200MW sales mission in 2011, but also against the loss of product prices by advanced management system, which strongly enhanced the market influence of Phono Solar. The completion of phase II project reflects the confidence and determination of Phono Solar. Mr. Cai also said firmly:’ Opportunities will only be left to those who are prepared. The market changing and the industry structure adjustment is our precious opportunity. We will open our hearts, meet every challenge and seize every development opportunity.’