Assessment in Norway, Italy and Sweden


Recently, PHONO's solar modules have passed the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) assessment in Norway, Italy and Sweden respectively, and successfully completed the EPD registration in the three countries. This is another remarkable milestone for PHONO in the field of low-carbon energy and shows that the product quality and environmental characteristics are highly recognized by authoritative international institutions, highlighting the technical strength and outstanding reputation of the PHONO brand in the field of low-carbon and intelligent production.
With the intensification of global climate issues and ESG sustainability issues, the call for carbon footprint disclosure by governments and all sectors of society is getting louder. The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an internationally recognized third-party verification report based on the ISO 14025 standard "Environmental Labels and Declarations - Type III Environmental Declarations - Principles and Procedures". Based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the report assesses and discloses the environmental impacts of PV module products throughout their life cycle from raw material acquisition, production, transportation, installation to final disposal, with a high degree of scientific validity, authority and international recognition. 
PHONO's solar modules have undergone a full life cycle assessment to evaluate the environmental impact of the product in several dimensions throughout their life cycle. Finally, they have passed the testing of the EPD platforms in Norway, Italy and Sweden and have been successfully registered. The EPD mark is similar to a "whole-process production label" for sustainable products, which indicates the carbon footprint throughout the life cycle and other environmental performance. It provides the customers with the reliable environmental data for project planning and green procurement and is another proof of PHONO’s low carbon footprint and its commitment to environmental sustainability.

PHONO has always adhered to the brand concept of green and low-carbon technology and the business philosophy of sustainable development, and is committed to providing green, low-carbon, high-efficiency and differentiated photovoltaic products and services to the customers around the world. As a leading provider of green energy, PHONO will never cease its step towards sustainability. Previously, PHONO has already obtained China's first 100% Green Energy Consumption Certificate issued by China Quality Certification Center (CQC), Carbon Neutrality Statement issued by TÜV SÜD, etc. The achievement of the EPD certificates represents an important step towards green product eco-design, carbon footprint reduction, as well as the sustainable development. It underlines the progress and environmental friendliness of the products and strengthens the competitiveness of the PHONO brand on the European and global market.

In future, PHONO will continue to adhere to the practice of sustainable development, assume more social responsibility and cooperate with global users to contribute to the net-zero future.