Phono Solar Launched Innovative Products in Japan


On December 3, Phono Solar, a leading supplier of solar photovoltaic modules of the world, kicked off its press conference for product launch and customer appreciation in Tokyo, Japan. In the meantime, Phono Solar launched its “Starry” series of photovoltaic monocrystalline half-cell modules and the “Double Star” series of bifacial modules that are integrated with DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF transparent backsheet material.

The conference attracted nearly 80 guests and media outlets, including Zhao Xingguo, Vice President of Phono Solar, Tetsunari Iida, Director of Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP), and Zhang Nu, Chairman of SUMEC Japan Co., Ltd.

During the conference, Mr. Zhao first expressed his heartfelt thanks to partners who have supported the development of Phono Solar and guests who were present. He said, “we will continue to give full play to the strength of the Phono Solar, so as to provide our customers with stable, reliable and innovative products. As the business model of a company determines customer value, Phono Solar will continue to dig into the Japanese market with a differentiated development path. Remaining true to its original aspiration of “reducing cost per kilowatt hour of electricity generated" for its customers, it will continue to integrate internal and external resources and combine photovoltaic and other energy sources, as a way to deliver more high-quality and high-reliability photovoltaic products to more Japanese customers. This would facilitate further development of Japan’s clean energy.”

Adhering to this guiding principle, Phono Solar released its "Double Star" and "Starry" series of products at the conference. According to reports, the latest "Starry" series of monocrystalline products can maximize the conversion efficiency and output of modules by effectively combining technical advantages of Metal Wrap Through (MWT), mono-like and half-cell technology to maximize the conversion efficiency and output of modules. The maximum conversion efficiency of new modules displayed on site can reach 20.46%, and the maximum power can amount to 420W.

Zhang Nu, Chairman of SUMEC Group (Japan) Co., Ltd., pointed out that, in the highly competitive Japanese market, "Starry" series of products can ensure that photovoltaic products of Phono Solar could produce more electricity within the same area. They are undoubtedly the best choice for customers to enhance economic value and project power generation benefits. Besides, they have also provided effective assistance for our efforts to further tap into the Japanese market and lay out our distributed markets.”

As a product that has attracted much attention in the industry in recent years, bifacial half-cell module was displayed during the event. Phono Solar's new bifacial "Double Star" modules are combined with bifacial cell technology and DuPont™Tedlar®PVF transparent backsheet material. In this way, apart from achieving up to 380 watts of front end generated power, the back of the module can also deliver up to 30% of power generation benefits.

Phono Solar has always been upholding "high quality and high reliability”. Therefore, by selecting high-quality materials such as DuPont™Tedlar®PVF transparent backsheet, it will continue to improve the durability and reliability of modules while reducing cost per kilowatt hour of electricity generated. By doing so, it can provide more and more reliable modules with excellent power generation performance for the Japanese and global markets.

"Quality is life”. This should not be taken as lip service. We have always been seeking a way that could maximize customer value on the strength of high-quality products. In an interview with Solar Journal, a well-known Japanese photovoltaic industry media, Zhang Nu said," Phono Solar will further enhance its innovation capabilities. Having been adhering to the service philosophy of “Customer First”, it will better serve its Japanese customers.”