Phono Solar delivers Solar PV Modules for the Largest Single Ground-Based PV Power Plant in Yachimat


Recently, Phono Solar, a leading strategic renewable energy provider in the world, has announced that it is contracted to provide the PV modules for the largest ground-based PV power plant in Yachimata,Chiba-ken, Japan, delivering 4.5MW high-efficient PV modules for this project.

This 4.5MW project is predicted to accumulate output over 114,500,000 kilowatt-hours of clean electric power in the following 25 years and reduce nearly 50,000 tons of carbon emissions. YUAN Quan, marketing manager of Phono Solar, explained that this 4.5MW ground based power plant will be one of few due to the scarcity of land in Japan. This contract not only increases Phono Solar’s market share it is a milestone to establish Phono Solar in the Japanese market for high cost effective and high-reliability PV products. Phono Solar is devoted to become the all-encompassing renewable energy solution provider while maximizing return on investment to global and national customers.

It is reported that a3.5MW PV power plant will be built in the proximity of Yachimata and investors have indicated for Phono Solar to be the exclusive provider of PV modules for this power plant.