2024 PV EXPO Japan | PHONO Made the Debut with innovative product portfolio


From February 28 to March 1, 2024, PHONO brought a variety of differentiated products to the PV EXPO of Smart Energy Week in Tokyo, Japan, bringing powerful innovative products and solutions to the Japanese market and leading the new trend of PV in early spring 2024. Zhong Zaifeng, President of PHONO’s parent comany, Zhao Xingguo, President of PHONO, led the team to participate in the exhibition. PV EXPO, the largest, most professional and influential international renewable energy industry exhibition in Japan and even the whole Asia, has become the best platform to develop the Japanese solar market and the growing Asian solar market.
Japan, as one of the earlier countries to develop photovoltaics, has been the main regional market of global photovoltaics. According to the Japanese government's plan, by 2030, photovoltaic power generation will account for 14% to 16% of its total electricity demand, which means that the photovoltaic installed scale in Japan is expected to double during 2022-2030. This year, the Japanese government will implement a policy that the price of rooftop photovoltaic power generation purchased by power companies is 20% to 30% higher than that of plains or mountains, to encourage companies to install photovoltaic modules on the roofs of factories and warehouses with low utilization. In addition, the Japanese government has frequently introduced support policies for special photovoltaic projects, such as subsidies for photovoltaic projects in farmland, reservoirs and waste treatment plants. From April 2025, new single-family houses in Tokyo will be equipped with photovoltaic modules. These measures reflect the Japanese government's determination to achieve its 2030 greenhouse gas emission reduction target.
At this exhibition, PHONO brings a series of high efficiency photovoltaic module products, two types of solar cells and an all-black aesthetic system of solar module structure and solar module. The all-black aesthetic system is designed for the Japanese market, including 108-cell 460W Draco module and solar module structure. The upgraded Draco module adopts the optimized rectangular wafers to maximize the utilization of container space with the ultimate optimized module size to achieve higher cost-efficiency, which helps clients to further reduce the LCOE. The solar module structure has a lightweight structure and low load-bearing risk. It adopts the special material paste method, without roof drilling, excluding the risk of water leakage. This system is also matched with a high-performance inverter, with a maximum conversion efficiency of 98.2%.
The 720W Helios series module on display this time adopts 210mm large-size silicon wafers and HJT technology, with a maximum module conversion efficiency of 23.2% and a low temperature coefficient of -0.26%/℃. At the same time, the use of photoconductive film technology, effectively converting ultraviolet light into visible light, improve the power generation gain of the module, and reduce the attenuation of HJT module caused by ultraviolet light. This product also uses special materials for sealing, in order to achieve stronger water resistance, to ensure the stability and reliability of the Helios modules, and ensure that the power generation efficiency is higher than 88% for 30 years.
The Anti-glare series module exhibited by PHONO for the first time have left a deep impression on the audience. This module uses high-quality low reflectance glass, which can reduce the reflection intensity by more than 50% by increasing the scattering area of reflected light, effectively reducing the optical reflection and optical pollution produced by photovoltaic modules, and can be applied to airports, railways, highways and other environments with strict anti-glare requirements. In addition, the anti-glare modules have also passed rigorous salt spray, ammonia corrosion, sand blowing and other long-term reliability tests to ensure reliable and excellent product performance in harsh environments.

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Along with the sakura blossoms, PHONO brand will also burst into new vitality in Japan. Uphold the Brand value of "innovative, reliable, sustainable",
PHONO will continue to increase investment in technological research and innovation, and constantly improve product quality and performance, to
provide more efficient, reliable and perfect photovoltaic solutions for global customers.