Cross Mountains and Seas to Chase Sunlight | PHONO Exhibit at All-Energy Australia 2023


On October 25-26, ALL-ENERGY Australia 2023 was successfully held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center. PHONO, along with the N-HJT module Helios series, has made a stunning debut. This series is a distributed module product specifically designed for the Australian market, injecting vitality into the booming development of the Australian renewable energy market.

Australia has a unique advantage in high-quality and abundant solar energy resources. Given its geographical and environmental advantages, both in terms of demand scale and energy policies, Australia is a mature photovoltaic market. According to data from the Australian Clean Energy Regulatory Agency REC Registry and the Bureau of Statistics, the cumulative installed capacity of rooftop photovoltaic systems in Australia in 2023 has exceeded 20GW. In the past two years, it has achieved 2.5 million households and 7.9GW of installation, with an average installed capacity of 6.45kW per household, equivalent to an 80% growth rate. It is expected that half of Australian households will use their own rooftop solar panels for power generation by 2040.

In order to meet the needs of the distributed PV market in Australia, PHONO has exhibited the latest N-type HJT module Helios series. Helios series is a lightweight module of 182mm cells and small size version, with an elegant black frame appearance and lightweight characteristics. With the high reliability packaging process, Helios has the power efficiency up to 440W. Its zero LID and PID resistance characteristics ensure the stability and reliability. Helios can provide a 30-year linear performance warranty, ensuring that the 30-year power generation efficiency is higher than 88%. PHONO has gained recognition and favor from numerous customers on-site with high-quality photovoltaic products and services.