'2014, the year of Evolution'—The theme of the 3rd Phono Solar annual conference


On January 18th, the 3rd Phono Solar annual conference took place in the Phono Solar factory. Nearly 100 guests from 14 countries were present. To illustrate the theme of 'Evolution', a colourful butterfly symbolizing 'transformation and sublimation' was used as the conference emblem. The conference had three key evolution themes: 'technical Evolution', 'mode Evolution' and 'policy Evolution'.

LIU Kai, president of SUMEC Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd. and CEO of Phono Solar, opened the conference by citing the old saying that "those with the same ideals think nothing of a long and arduous journey" and expressed his warm welcome to all of the guests. LIU talked of the achievements by Phono Solar in 2013, in spite of a market that underwent great change. He talked how Phono Solar would seize the strategic opportunity of the new industrial evolution and would engage in this green and promising cause together with its partners to realize mutual benefit and a win-win result in the application of clean energy, thereby benefitting people around the world.

'Technical Evolution' was one of the main themes of the annual conference and RUI Chunbao, vice-general manager of Phono Solar gave a keynote speech focusing on technical innovation. RUI talked about Phono Solar's aim to improve system efficiency while reducing system cost, and introduced 3 new products - the Hyperion solar cell, the JET module and the Phonocube. He also highlighted Phono Solar's experience in system integration technology.

Next, Mr. Tarlach, president and general manager of Sybac Solar, a famous large-scale EPC company in Germany, talked about the close cooperation with Phono Solar over the last three years. He announced that the cooperation would be expanded to cover the Asian-Pacific region and even Africa in the future. In the last three years, through understanding and support, cooperation between Sybac Solar and Phono Solar has expanded from a relationship of simple module sales to co-construction of power stations and from business cooperation to brand cooperation. The joint sponsorship of Dortmund Football Club (German Bundesliga) has helped both companies receive considerable attention in German and the surrounding countries.

Mr. Matthew and Mr. John, two investment advisers from Greece talked about the theme of 'mode Evolution'. With more than 20 years of experience in world famous investment banks, they talked about financial instruments, risk control and policies and regulations relevant to investment in PV projects. Mr. Matthew highlighted a series of potential problems to consider and address when investing in PV projects, and explained the key points in the process using an overseas power station project that Phono Solar invested in as a case study. They also discussed the renewable energy projects they plan to implement in 2014. Finally, Mr John talked about the Chinese market which they expect to be one of the largest in 2014 and discussed project financing and equipment finance lease markets.

LI Rongkun, general manager of Phono Solar concentrated on the final theme - 'policy Evolution'. He outlined the innovative business model of Phono Solar and proposed the concept of the 'Age of PV 2.0', the characteristics of which, according to LI, were less market dependence or even no dependence on policy-related subsidies. In the 'Age of PV 2.0', Phono Solar will build a platform for resource integration and integrate project investors, project developers, general engineering contractors and financial resources in order to realize renewable energy projects including civil, commercial and ground projects. Finally, LI encouraged everyone to imagine the possibilities in the age of PV 2.0.

WANG Bo, director of Investment Management Department of SINOMACH Group, Beijing also expressed the support of SINOMACH Group in the renewable energy industry that Phono Solar and Group engage in.

Finally CAI Jibo, president of SUMEC group, expressed his gratitude to all those who have supported the renewable energy section of Phono Solar and SUMEC Group over the last few years. He cited a Hans Christian Andersen story of a hunter who underwent danger and difficulties and finally obtained honor in The Thorny Road of Honor to highlight a sustainable future of the PV industry in spite of challenging times. He also indicated that in 2014 Phono Solar will continue to innovate through technical research and development, thereby continuously creating value for the customer.

During the annual conference guests shared and exchanged their views and opinions and had the opportunity to identify both potential partners for the future and new business opportunities in the industrial value chain.

Overall the 3rd annual conference of Phono Solar was pragmatic and fully presented the internationalized view, capabilities and level of the Company.