Frame-attached AC Module from Phono Solar Obtained Interket Certification


Phone Solar announced today that its Frame-attached AC Module has passed tests by Intertek and has been listed by CEC California, USA, symbolizing that the AC Module from this company will be used to the residential roof project in the United States.

The Frame-attached AC Module from Phono Solar passed tests by Intertek according to the standards UL 1741 and CSA C2.2-No.107.1. By integrating the standard AC modules with micro-inverter, the AC Module is easy and safe to install and maintain; more importantly, it lowers mismatches among the modules and reduces the influence on the electricity power output due to tree leaves and dust. In the mean time, the users can do on-line tracking of modules’ operation and deal with the emergencies in time.

Compared with the regular AC module, the Frame-attached AC Module has simplified installation and ground connection, largely lowered installation cost and been highly welcomed by North American and UK installers.

According to Yuan Quan, Marketing Department Manager from Phono Solar, ‘with the gradually reduced subsidies, photovoltaic power generation is transferring from the large-scale ground-based power generation stations to residential roof tops. The advantages of AC module will assist the terminal users in realizing generating electricity by themselves and lowering their costs. Phono Solar is always committed to reducing power utilizing costs for the users. Intertek’s certification of the Frame-attached AC Module means that it meets the requirements of performance, quality and safety. Meanwhile, this kind of AC Module has brought the benefits to our partners by greatly simplifying installation and reducing ground connection costs.