SUMEC GROUP ranks 109th in the “Top 500 Listed Companies in China in 2017”


April 30, 2018, the list of the top 500 listed companies in China was officially released in 2017. SUMEC Energy's parent company SUMEC Group ranked 109th in the list, up 35 places from the previous year. The list is based on annual revenue and the statistics cover all companies in Shanghai A shares, China-listed stocks, H-shares, red-chip stocks and Hong Kong stocks in the Mainland.


As a core member company of China National Machinery Industry Group, SUMEC Group actively promotes “diversified development and professional management”, implements the integrated business model of “trade, industry, technology and financing”, and actively promotes the core member companies to become “Top Runners” in its respective field, which consists of a "joint fleet."


After 40 years of development, SUMEC Group has become a large-scale enterprise group of modern manufacturing services focusing on trade and service, engineering contracting and investment development. In 2017, it achieved operating revenue of RMB 74.86 billion, ranking 135th among Fortune China's top 500 Chinese companies, 53rd among China's top 100 importers, and 44th among China's top 100 exporters.