Green "Korean Wave" Hits | PHONO Shines at the International Green Energy Expo


From April 24th to 26th, the 2024 International Green Energy Expo was held in Daegu, South Korea. PHONO, a subsidiary of SUMEC ENERGY, made a splendid appearance with its high-efficiency solar modules and cells, showcasing PHONO's innovative product solutions for photovoltaic applications. Led by Zhong Zaifeng, President of SUMEC ENERGY, the team participated in the exhibition alongside Happy View, a local South Korean partner, to jointly support South Korea's carbon neutrality efforts. The International Green Energy Expo is one of the top 10 clean energy exhibitions in the world and the third largest solar energy exhibition in Asia, with the largest scale and influence in South Korea. The exhibition covers the entire photovoltaic industry chain, energy storage technology, and various important aspects of the renewable energy field, presenting the latest developments and innovative achievements in this field.


With the deepening implementation of the 2050 carbon neutrality goal, South Korea has issued the "10th Basic Plan for Electricity Supply and Demand", aiming to achieve a renewable energy installed capacity of 72.7 GW by 2030, with a solar power installation target of 30.8 GW. According to BNEF's forecast, South Korea will achieve renewable energy investments of US$4.26 billion in 2024, with solar energy being the largest investment market in South Korea's clean energy sector.


At this exhibition, PHONO has brought a range of high-efficiency solar module products and high-efficiency solar cell products specifically tailored for the South Korean market. The Draco Module Series boasts a power output of up to 700W, making it the most cost-effective choice in the solar application field due to its excellent power generation performance, higher reliability, and shorter payback period. Whether for enterprises seeking efficient energy solutions or for household users aiming to reduce energy costs, the Draco Module Series represents an outstanding and worthy consideration. Also making a stunning appearance is the upgraded Draco Module Series, which employs an improved rectangular silicon wafer size. This extreme optimization of module dimensions enhances packaging space utilization, minimizing transportation costs, speeding up installation, shortening project cycles, reducing manufacturing costs, and boosting the overall efficiency of photovoltaic systems.


The 720W Helios Module Series exhibited this time has demonstrated excellent performance and innovative technology in multiple aspects. Using 210mm large-size silicon wafers and HJT technology, the module's conversion efficiency can reach up to 23.2%, with a temperature coefficient as low as -0.24%/°C, making it even more suitable for the hot summer temperatures in South Korea. The product employs light conversion film technology, which more efficiently converts ultraviolet light into visible light, increasing the power generation gain of the module and reducing power attenuation caused by ultraviolet radiation. This provides investors and users with a longer service life and higher returns. Additionally, the Helios Module Series uses special materials for sealing to achieve stronger water resistance, guaranteeing the reliable performance of the solar panel products. It ensures that the power generation efficiency remains above 88% over 30 years, providing users with long-term stable energy supply.


For a long time, South Korea has been an important market for PHONO overseas strategic layout. As a global leading solar products and services provider, PHONO brought more valuable green transformation development ideas to local customers at the International Green Energy Expo this time. In the future, PHONO will further deepen its long-term cooperation with South Korean customers and distributors, and help them achieve higher investment value by continuously providing more efficient, reliable, and comprehensive photovoltaic solutions for the South Korean market.