Taste the Italian style and enjoy the low-carbon glamour, PHONO attend Key Energy 2024


From 28th February to 1st March 2024, PHONO presented a variety of high-value and high-power N-type module products at the Key Energy in Italy, blooming the infinite charm of Chinese PV in Rimini, the city of art.


As one of the most influential and recognizable renewable energy exhibitions in Italy and the Mediterranean region, 2024 marks the 17th successful edition of Key Energy. This year's edition focuses on photovoltaics, electrical energy storage, and energy solutions for industry and housing for sustainable development.

Italy's PV installations grew rapidly in 2023, with BNEF estimating that the country will add 4.4GW of new PV installations in 2023 and 4.2GW in 2024. 2024 Italy's MASE has published a newly revised PINEC, which has been submitted to the European Commission for review. The revised plan has increased targets: it is hoped that by 2030 renewable energy sources will be able to generate 65% of electricity and account for 40% of total energy consumption.


At this year's exhibition, PHONO showcased three N-type module products that cover the mainstream needs of the market, including the HJT Helios series modules, which can reach a maximum power of 720W, and the TOPCon Draco series modules, which are available in two different versions of 585W and 460W. The HJT series modules have the advantages of high power generation, low LCOE, high reliability and ultra-low degradation. The newly upgraded 460W rectangular TOPCon Draco series, while maintaining the all-black aesthetic appearance and lightweight features, optimizes the cell size to further improve its power generation performance, while at the same time offering lower transportation costs, and is compatible with the mainstream inverters and diverse mounting systems, providing a universal solution for residential and C&I rooftops.


Also on display are high-efficiency bifacial 182mm and 210mm TOPCon cells from the N-type cell production line of PHONO. With the successful commissioning of PHONO’s N-type cell production line, it will lead to a further reduction in the cost of terminal, and consolidate the foundation of PHONO's stable supply for the market to provide reliable support for the development of the whole chain of the industry.


In addition, PHONO's turnkey solution, including engineering, finance, technology training, operation management and other services, covers the manufacturing plants of ingot, wafer, cell and module, providing customers with a full range of intelligent manufacturing services to help companies achieve automation and intelligence, reduce costs and improve quality and efficiency, thus creating more value.


As one of the most important PV markets in Europe, the demand for PV power in Italy is further stabilizing as the targets of the revised Energy and Climate Plan have been raised again. As an important participant and practitioner in the development of the PV industry in China and even globally, PHONO adheres to the brand concept of "Innovative, Reliable and Sustainable", and relying on rigorous technology, production and supply chain control, our module products have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions overseas, and have won wide acclaim and recognition in the market. In the future, PHONO will firmly promote the popularization and application of renewable energy, work closely with global partners to help the global new energy industry progress, and jointly build a sustainable green future!